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Matt Tries to Go Fast

IMG_3497Racing used to be a big part of my life. I was going to college, riding and hanging out with a bunch of fast kids, and didn’t want to sit by myself while all of them were at events every weekend. It started by racing with the collegiate team at the University of Colorado, and eventually I went on to some local trade teams as I got quicker.

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The New Whip

The New Whip

A company like Conation has certain requirements for a company vehicle. It has to hold bikes – obviously. It should hold a fair amount of people too, in a comfortable and relaxing way, because there will be lots of camping, and hanging out, and sleeping in. Getting lost and unlost with friends, taking some epic adventures and probably having some hiccups along the way.

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Dirt Rag Tried Out Some Conation Collective Apparel

DirtRagDirt Rag has been riding around in a full Conation kit for a couple months and they’ve just published their findings. Editor Mike Cushionbury says the jersey “looks so good [he’s] probably worn it as much off-the-bike casually as on the singletrack.” Check out the full review in issue #192 on page 83, on shelves now!

Sometimes a Ride is the Only Answer

Last Sunday wasn’t a good day. I tried to ride outside of Nederland, a small mountain town above Boulder, but was shut down by an early thunder storm that rolled through at 11am complete with a substantial amount of hail. That combined with a few other factors put me in a bad mood, and I wasn’t sure how to shake it. Eventually I decided to go for a second ride, more locally at Betasso this time, and hopefully get better weather.

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We’re Making a Video!

Shooting video

We heard that making a video is the cool thing to do, so we decided to hop on the bandwagon! We decided to skip the roosting and sick turn-bar’s in favor or something we actually do all the time – ride around with some friends. That’s what we know how to do, so that’s what happens when a camera man is watching.

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

It’s been a long winter here in Colorado with a lot of awesome days on skis ripping through soft fluffy powder. Recently we’ve been teased with a couple warm days and it has definitely gotten us excited about the arrival of Spring wildflowers, camping, long rides with friends in the mountains, and rocking Conation Collective gear!

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