Productive Night

Productive night at Conation Collective HQ

This is what a productive night at Conation Collective HQ looks like.

It’s almost 3am, but this is the beauty of entrepreneurialism. I went to coffee this morning. I went for a bike ride. I hung out with friends.

But when the sublimation proofs arrived on my doorstep I knew I needed to tweak the photoshop files. The pin stripe was indiscernible at 2.66 pixels – it needed to be 5. But I wasn’t getting off that easy, oh no, the dotted line path in the Photoshop file looked completely different at twice the pixel width, so the whole file needed to be reworked. The shirt pattern needed the stripe widths adjusted too, but that was much easier.

Tonight I had to decide if I want snaps spaced on webbing every 30mm, or 45. It’s a big decision and I don’t want to mess it up. Should a belt be 5cm tall, 4, or 3.8? And why is a strange number like 3.8 the most common belt height?┬áThis is the crunch time where everything has to come together at once. I received production quotes from people tonight about products I had forgotten I needed to source. Good thing I had a checklist last week and sent most of my sourcing emails then.

In other exciting news, we have a fresh logo. Look for it once I emerge from this sleep deprived haze in the morning.

It’s now past 3 – g’night.