Raising Friends with Lucky Bikes

Literally holding down the tent as a storm blows by.

Lucky Bikes is a bike shop, job training course, center for at-risk youth, and community hub in Denver. Last Saturday they had their Friendraiser – a mashup of a fundraiser and community party – in the parking lot in front of their shop.

Not to get overly personal, but I think what Lucky Bikes is doing is super cool. I started working in a bike shop when I was 15 and that community was a large part of my upbringing. So much of what I value today, who my friends are, and how I spend my time is based on what I learned in a small local bike shop in high school.

Super Dave and I drove directly to Lucky Bikes from the ride in Buffalo Creek and set up the Vanagon as Conation’s expo tent. It worked better than I could have possibly imagined, and I’m going to try to never put up the 10×10 tent again.

We met some awesome people and hopefully raised awareness of a great organization, and we did that with a bike ride all in one day. Pretty solid start to the weekend.