Rough Thursday


On Thursday I went to check out a new training facility in Thorton. They have trampolines, a skate park, and a huge airbag for practicing tricks. Everyone was warming up and practicing landing in the airbag. After a few drops and a successful front flip, I decided to try a gainer for the first time in my life. I landed the first one on my back which wasn’t so bad, but the second one was. I landed on my head, folding my chin into my sternum as I felt each of my vertebra pop. I immediately moved my fingers and toes and then gave a thumbs up to let people know I was ok. However, the back of my head was completely numb and my neck muscles were seizing and cramping.

I climbed out of the bag and tried to walk it off but after about 30 minutes things were just getting worse. I was there with my friend Downey Soft, so he took me back to Boulder where I spent a few hours in the ER. After a CT scan the doc said I’ll be fine, but I will have to deal with 2-3 weeks of stiffness and pain.

Since all I can really do is sit in front of a computer, I guess this is the universe’s way of getting me to focus on the Conation Collective!