Stalled (a historical summary, part 4)

By the time I got back from South America I was completely broke and put the project on hold. I landed a job in Boulder and moved back, looking forward to riding in the mountains again.

I started an intense regiment of physical therapy in the Fall of 2011, hoping to heal my hip from a motorcycle accident a year eariler. It didn’t work, and six months later I was on an operating table. You can read about the ordeal here, but basically I wasn’t able to walk for a while and came out of it with a renewed passion for riding bicycles, especially off-road.

Conation Collective

Recovering from hip surgery

In the Fall of 2012 I was introduced to a former product developer for a major cycling brand, George. He has been on of the most important connections I’ve made, and has been a tremendous help. If you don’t know what you’re doing in an industry, you need to meet someone who has the technical knowledge and that’s what I found in George.

Ironically, the first thing he told me to do was to learn Adobe Illustrator and make sketches on that program. Illustrator is a huge program, and I spent most of autumn 2012 learning how to draw what I wanted. I’m sure that professional companies use this all the time, but I think it was largely a waste of time for me. I didn’t know enough to make useful “tech sketches” and to date no one has looked at my drawings in a .ai file.

Conation Collective

Its so perrrty, and no one’s even looked at it.