Collin Becker

  • Name: Collin Becker
  • Current City: Boulder, CO
  • Favorite local ride:  Is Nederland local?  The experience is definitely enhanced by riding the bus up there with good friends and getting comfortable with a coffee before ripping around on some fun singletrack.  My dream is that someday the Frozen Dead Guy will wake up and build a trail all the way down to Boulder.
  • Favorite Trail of All Time: There are a lot, but I guess I will go back to my roots here:  Limbaugh Canyon in Monument, CO.  It is the trail that hooked me on mountain biking way back in middle school.  In 4 or 5 miles it has a few stream crossings, perfect turns, wide open meadows, and ends with a fast, loose, rocky descent.
  • What is the coolest/most interesting thing you have done on a bike? Well there was that one time on Pearl Street…  Besides that either bike touring from Cancun to Belize with my best friends and a bunch of BOB trailers or my first Tour de Burg in Virginia where I met tons of cool people and found out why it is ‘cheaper than living.’
  • What’s your favorite piece of Conation Collective riding apparel and why?  I am definitely into the western shirts.  What can I say? I was born in New Mexico and live in Colorado, so of course I want pearl buttons on my bike gear!