Matt Hayes

  • Name: Matt Hayes
  • Current City: Denver, CO
  • Favorite local ride: Taking 7 hours to cruise from Nederland to Boulder with some friends is how I love to spend a day. Those rides inspired the Conation Collective line, and were a worthy testing lab too.
  • Favorite Trail of All Time: I was guiding mountain bike trips in Colombia and we got to ride down a 200-year-old goat herding trail that had been eroded into a dirt bobsled run. We went from alpine forest into desert and then into jungle, passing people who were hiking their groceries home. I’ve never ridden a trail like that in my life.
  • What is the coolest/most interesting thing you have done on a bike? Under the light of a full Super Moon, some friends and I summited Quandary Mountain (elevation 14,265) outside Breckenridge and rode down as the sun started to peek over the horizon.
  • What’s your favorite piece of Conation Collective riding apparel and why?  I love the shorts combo – the liner bibs are so specifically designed for mountain biking and the baggies fit great on the bike, with little touches that prevent seat-snag and stay cool.