Tomas Kaplan

  • Name: Tomas ‘Mas’ Kaplan
  • Current City: Boulder, CO
  • Favorite local ride: Hall Ranch – Lyons, Colorado
  • Favorite Trail of All Time: Monarch Crest Trail – Salida, Colorado
  • What is the coolest/most interesting thing you have done on a bike? Being originally from Prague, Czech Republic I have been lucky to travel there every summer to visit friends and family. We have a cabin on the Sazava River in a tiny town about 50 km outside of Prague called Vlastejovice which is surrounded by some of the most beautiful rolling hills and pristine forests. Over the years visiting, I have brought bike parts with me including tubes, tires, pedals, seats, stems and grips and restored a very old beater of a mountain bike so I can ride and explore while there. I’ve explored hundreds of forest roads and trails and frequently had to find my way home in waning sunlight by hopping on the local train before dark. Can’t wait to go back and ride more!
  • What’s your favorite piece of Conation Collective riding apparel and why? Merino Wool V-Neck Tee: I could seriously wear this piece everyday and not get tired of the look, feel and comfort! If you don’t own a piece of merino wool clothing you are seriously missing out. Super breathable, easy to clean and quick to dry, it is my go to piece when traveling, camping, riding and chilling!