Conation Collective cruising in Cuba

(Hover over video for color)

It’s no secret that we like to travel – Matt’s bike toured between Boulder and Yellowstone, and Aspen to the Grand Canyon to Aspen, pedaled the long way from Paris to Switzerland, and led mountain bike trips around Colombia for a few months. We love seeing the world from a bike seat – getting to know a culture and community in ways that just aren’t available going 70mph.

Matt took the first round of Conation Collective samples when he was guiding in Colombia – riding 10 hours a day through sweltering humidity seemed like a good way to stress test the designs. So when he got the chance to hop a flight to Cuba, subjecting Conation to another round south of the border seemed natural.

Matt says “Merino wool and lightweight fabrics make for great travel gear when backpacking around an island, and I was stoked with how well the pieces crossed over.” Enjoy a little clip from aboard our moped in the Unesco World Heritage site Valle de Vinales!