Black Riding Shorts


These stylish mountain bike specific shorts are made in the USA from lightweight European fabric.

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When designing these shorts we started by raising the inseam so it won’t snag on your seat, and for your friend’s sake we made the back waist band wider so there’s no plumbers crack while riding. We use light-weight and breathable European fabric to keep you super comfortable in this short that allows for ridiculous range of motion. The stretchable fabric allowed us to omit a traditional fly, further reducing weight and taking out parts that can fail. Simply pull the short on, snap it into the liner short with 3 integrated loops and you’re all set! You can’t go wrong with solid black, and a few concealed pink plaid highlights tie it in to the western-styled tops.

*These shorts are designed in tandem with our liner/bib shorts. They are sold separately so you can mix and match the colors and styles, but they should really be worn together.

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  1. Kyle Rose

    My favorite part about these sweet shorts is the fact they stay in place throughout the whole ride. I never have any issues with them riding up like many others I have tried! Not to mention the fact that I can now grab a post ride beer without feeling the need to perform the dreaded sweaty car change! Thanks for making products that actually do what you say they will!!

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