Blue Striped Merino Wool Jersey

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This merino wool v-neck teeshirt has a bit longer torso for more coverage when riding, is super durable, and features all the properties of high quality wool.

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If you aren’t on the merino wool bandwagon yet, let us assure you that you should be. Merino wool is super-comfortable, has amazing moisture management, and doesn’t stink. An early prototype of this shirt was used for 3 months of mountain bike guiding in Colombia and it’s still going strong. The torso on this shirt is a little longer than normal, and the sleeves are cut so it fits well in the riding position. If you’re a fan of natural fabrics and simple style, this is the shirt for you.

3 reviews for Blue Striped Merino Wool Jersey

  1. Kyle Rose

    Well I can honestly say I have never purchased a piece of bike clothing and found myself also wearing it during non bike activities. I have loved the softness of this shirt while biking, running, and going to get a haircut. It seriously covers all your basis. So if you can see yourself putting on said shirt for a Saturday morning ride, then going to grab some food, then going to the grocery store, then heading over to a friends party, then this the shirt for you! You could theoretically never take off said shirt the entire weekend. I’m not saying I have done this before but I’m also not saying I have not lol. All jokes aside, this shirt is amazing for any adventure you want to throw at it!! I highly recommend both colors!!

  2. Justin (verified owner)

    I’m not even a mountain biker (yet)… But this Merino Wool Jersey is easily my most comfortable shirt in the closet. Both color/styles are fantastic and ended up buying both. This is something I wear to go out at night as well as works perfect working out or in the yoga studio. Highly recommend, will keep an eye out for more gear out of this name!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is an awesome piece of clothing that is way comfy and way breathable. I occasionally wear it biking but more often I’ll wear it trail running and it is by far my favorite shirt to run in. It’s the perfect piece of clothing to wear into the brewery after too. Definitely hope Conation comes out with more stuff like this.

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