Green Striped Merino Wool Jersey


This v-neck teeshirt features a longer torso and is made in the USA from Australian merino wool.

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If you aren’t on the merino wool bandwagon yet, let us assure you that you should be. Merino wool is super-comfortable, has amazing moisture management, and doesn’t stink. An early prototype of this shirt was used for 3 months of mountain bike guiding in Colombia and it’s still going strong. The torso on this shirt is a little longer than normal, and the sleeves are cut so it fits well in the riding position. If you’re a fan of natural fabrics and simple style, this is the shirt for you.

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  1. GEO

    This shirt often ends up in my laundry twice a week, once from a day on my mountain bike and once just because I like to wear it. I have to confess, I come from a road racing background so I have a preference for high functioning clothing with TOTAL disregard for style. It’s confusing for me to have these lines made so blurry! Add the natural, no stink, hygienic properties of wool and – wow.

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