Back from Hibernation!

It’s been a great winter here in Colorado with some beautifully warm and sunny days especially in February. We’ve been able to squeeze in some rides on the Front Range between snow storms and are looking forward to the warmer weather ahead, though it looks like we have a couple snow storms to get through first.

A few weeks ago Matt went out for a quick photoshoot with our buddy Dane Cronin behind the lens and Brian Alders joining in the fun despite having gone on a long training ride all morning. That guy’s unstoppable! Matt had been laid up in bed for two days before with uncharacteristic lethargy and an equally uncharacteristic fever but rallied for the occasion. We had some issues with the weather but ultimately got some sweet shots of riding, getting ready, and, for better or worse, fixing a flat.

It was great to get a couple more people in Conation gear and hear positive reviews. Can’t wait for Spring to hit Colorado and get out for some longer rides! We have big plans this summer and are excited for the warmer weather.

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