Looking for a new production facility

Here at the Conation Collective, we want to do American made. So bad. The problem we’re running into isn’t a price differential with Asia or a lack of labor – we can’t find a facility with the right tools. All the American production facilities are geared towards making simple products like curtains, towels, tee-shirts, and hoodies. While we’re glad these things are being made in the US, it doesn’t help us at all. It’s like asking that nice old neighbor that helped you fix a flat tire on your Huffy when you were 6 to overhaul and tune the suspension on your new carbon trail bike. He doesn’t have the tools, knowledge, or ability to help even though he wants to.

So- we’re desperately searching for an American production facility that has experience with extremely lightweight 4-way stretch woven fabrics (as low as 70gsm), wooly nylon thread, and double traction sewing machines. If you can help put us in touch with a facility like that, please, PLEASE, please email Matt (at) conationcollective.com