Releasing the line!

The Conation Collective has sourced amazing materials from France, Italy, and Australia, and brought it all to America for design, printing, and construction. That’s right – it’s all made right here in the USA! We’ve solicited ideas from industry insiders – everyone from professional racers to business owners to team mechanics and more – and combined their suggestions into the best garments available. With several rounds of printing proofs, prototyping, and sampling in the past 8 months, we’re now getting very close to launching.

Conation Collective's Merino Wool Tee

Conation Collective’s Merino Wool Tee

Conation Collective's Merino Wool Colors

Two colors to choose from

The first item we’re showing is our awesome merino wool teeshirt. This piece isn’t very techy but features a longer torso for full coverage when in the riding position. Available in striped navy blue and striped forest green.